Sarah Cangley

Sarah Cangley

Friday, 23 December 2016 12:57

Christmas gift guide

Christmas shopping is always very last minute - but luckily browsing for the luxuries of life never has a time limit! Cheek2Chic is giving its readers just a little taste of what is available and you can catch a great gift guide for Christmas and the New Year in the latest issue of Cheek2Chic.
Thursday, 15 December 2016 15:46

Mark Gold's new watch changes the game

Q&A with top South African jeweller Mark Gold, who has brought out his new watch model, the Gamechanger

Q: Tell us about yourself?

“Just a regular guy, I suppose, with a passion for design and an inbuilt belief that things could be done better. I try and do things that will benefit others and not nesessary just me”.

Q: What was your first experience with watches?

“My Grandfather, bless his soul, was in WW2 and came across a German aircraft that had crashed in the desert. He removed one of the cockpit clock instruments and kept it. As a child, probably 1975, he gave it to me and as I did with most things, took it apart to see how it worked. Naturally I could not get it back together however it was a very memorable time and a defining moment in my discovery of mechanical instruments”.

Q: How would you like your audience to view your brand?

“Well ... I always seek innovation over traditional and prefer to be ahead of the curve. I suppose I would want people to see the brand as a small, highly innovative brand, known for brining bold and exciting product to the luxury space”.

Q: How would you describe your style and values of your brand?

“Innovative, Authentic, Bold”.

Q: What are the most important factors that your brand needs to adhere to?

“Service, positive engagements and constant reinvention and obviously resonating with the apropriate audience is key”

Q: Why watches?

“This was a long time coming ... I had retail stores before and sold my creations through those stores. At a certain moment we introduced watch brands that resonated with my jewellery creations. I stocked brands such as Cartier and Franck Muller. We did really well with them but through out this time all I was really felling was that I needed my own brand and so the first model, The GAMECHANGER, was conceptualised. My feeling was that, what the others were doing, could be done better. ”

Q: Why attach your name to the brand?

“I thought about it for a while, however, after 30 years in the luxury world, there wasn't really anything else to call it”.

Q: What type of person buys your watches?

“A person who appreciates art, design and an understanding of creativity. Perhaps someone who is slightly eccentric, a little left of mainstream and more importantly wants what others don't have ”.

Q: When did you sell the first of your new watches?

“I made 18 pieces in collaboration with a great team of Swiss watchmakers. After a two and a half year development cycle I received the first prototype pieces. I presented them to four of my clients and each of them bought one. I was so grateful and full of pride and knew at that moment where this is going”.

Q: What movement is housed in your watch?

“We use a fully Swiss made automatic movement with a GMT function and a self correcting date feature which is especially adapted for the GAMECHANGER'

Q; Why such large winders?

“It is a completely practical solution. I mean I have never understood why every brand has such small winders ... it makes no sense at all. They are fiddly and difficult to operate and our 15mm winder is so easy to use”.

Q: What does modular actually mean for the watch?

“the modular concept is a patented solution that allows for a unique construction whereby the client can actually choose which colours or materials they would prefer”

Q: What is a submersible titanium pod?

“This is the concept we created which houses the Swiss automatic movement and around which the rest of the watch is built. It offers enourmous strength and allows a diving depth of up to 3000m when installed with the helium valve”

Q: Where do you see your brand in five years?

“I would like to see the brand as well respected in the premium watch segment and stocked in 60 of the best stores in the world”.

Q: Along side which brands do you see your watch placed?

“Mark Gold and the GAMECHANGER dont have a long history in the watch world but we have a great future in the watch world. I think we belong in the same sentances as Richard Mille and MCT because we have authentic design, conceptualised from a clean sheet and starting at point zero”

Q: You have placed your brand quite high with price point. How do you warrant this?

“So what is the right price to pay for a handcrafted Swiss watch made especially for
you ? I dont really know that answer however I do know that from a business perspective we need to charge a certain amount in order for it to be feasable to the company”.

Q: Which is your favorite colour combination?

“Hahaha ... this has to be the hardest question today. I honestly love virtually every piece we make”.

Q: Who would you like to see wearing your watches?

“For me Elon Must is the real gamechanger. He is also from South Africa and is changing the game. Trevor Noah is the same in his field ...”.

What is your recipe for having accomplished so much in the luxury world? “Oh gosh ... that's flattering ... I feel as though I still have so much to offer”.

Q: How would you like to see the luxury watch industry evolve in the coming years?

“honestly, I would love to see a time when people appreciated great design. I mean there are so many examples where people are guided by marketing bs and settling for overpriced mass brands”. 

 Copy supplied by Mark Gold


Thursday, 15 December 2016 12:51

Men in tights meet babes in pantos

The history of the panto goes back to the Middle Ages, building on Roman theatre and the traditions of Italy's "Commedia dell' Arte", and combining it with European stage traditions as well as Mummers Plays and British Music hall slapstick to produce a own unique form of entertainment that epitomises the pre-Christmas period. It's all about audience participation, rude jokes, stock characters and good versus evil... and never fails to captivate the inner five year old in us all.

The Austin Mini Cooper has come a long way since it was the quintessentially British ride of the 1960s, becoming the Beatles' mode of transport on their Magical Mystery Tour and featuring in movies like The Italian Job and A Shot in the Dark. Even Mary Quant paid homage to her favourite car, the Mini, naming her iconic skirt after it.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016 14:04

The smell of inspiration

Atelier Cologne is the first maison de parfum which creates pure perfumes that are inspired by Eau de Cologne itself. Founders Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel gave birth to this new olfactive family in 2009, calling it "Cologne Absolue".

Monday, 07 November 2016 15:38

Celebrating premium champagnes

The names trip lovingly off the tongue like effervescent bubbles ... Drappier, Besserat, Armand de Brignac, Nicolas Feuillatte, Larmandier Bernier ... only some of the 25 premium champagne houses presented at this year's 15th Absa Champagne Festival.

Tuesday, 01 November 2016 11:03

New skin with Nu Skin

The search for the philosopher's stone, the legendary alchemical substance that turns base objects into gold, has prevailed through human history and never has that been more prevalent than in the 21st century. Except in this century this quest has morphed into an effort to turn back the clock and reverse the signs of time on the human face and body. Every new development in the battle against anti-aging is hailed as a victory ... and anti-aging in itself has become a science.

Monday, 24 October 2016 11:52

Pure gin-ius

A neutral, flavourless spirit, gin was traditionally infused with juniper berries, which were added by the Dutch in the 17th century to make it more palatable (hence "Dutch courage"), as well as other botanicals, which release their aromatics during the distillation process. This helps create each gin's signature scents and flavour variations. As South Africa is rich in interesting flora, from the Cape floral kingdom to the interior and coastline, plus artisinal gin creation has become extremely fashionable, we are currently producing some very fine craft gins.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016 13:51

Spring Motoring Special Part1: the Audi A4

This year's new Audi A4 offering, which has the option of sedan or sport, was launched in South Africa in February 2016. The car reflects the new trend for "keyless go", with a stop/start function, a push button for the handbrake and a boot that opens remotely. Don't you just love pressing the remote and the boot lifts up slowly with all the grace and strength of a ballerina!

Friday, 14 October 2016 15:39

Keeping time with Wayde van Niekerk

Olympic gold medallist Wayde van Niekerk, who smashed a 17 year old record set by Michael Jordan, at this year's Olympics in Rio was named luxury watch brand Richard Mille's new athlete partner soon afterwards. 

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